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It is easy to become an instructor for golf Lessons. We are a nation-wide referral network of golf instructors so we are always looking for instructors in all parts of the country. You may be the first in your area to sign up as an instructor for golfPronow and get more work because of it. If we have more than one instructor in the area, we will first look at experience, reliability, and if you have taught any past lessons for us. In the lessons, the beginner will dictate what he/she wants to learn. We offer all instructors pointers on how to run the lessons, but in the end you teach it the way you want.

Hours and Scheduling
Many people do this as a part-time job as they go to school or work full-time behind a desk. If your schedule get's too busy, we can put your profile on pause until you're ready! golf instruction is very flexible. You can easily schedule lessons on weekends or nights. Lessons are scheduled at your local parks. You will be able to speak to your client before meeting them to confirm times and location.

How it Works?

1. Submit Application
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3. We build a profile with you application info. AND you can edit it at any time.


Must have 5 years of experience with golf
Must be at least 18 years old
Must have a car and cell phone

What About Liability? has attorneys who have created liability waivers that all of the clients agree too. It is virtually impossible for the instructors to be liable. As an additional safety precaution, all instructors are covered by golfProNow's umbrella insurance.

How Do I Get Paid? No waiting for checks. Payment is quickly sent through PayPal and notifies you via email. You will have the option to request a check or get a direct deposit. There is no need for an account. It happens the same day as the end of your set of lessons,

Benefits and Pay

  • FREE Clients (We take a cut above what you make.)
  • Be your own boss!
  • Create your own lessons! We just give you the clients. We're the largest golf lesson referral network in America. (Read more.)

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